My story

In high school, I decided to change my eating habits towards a healthier variety of food. I was shocked at the incredible difference my healthy diet had on the quality of my life. Removing certain foods from my diet and eating on a more consistent schedule gave me a new found energy – I felt like a whole new person! I have always lived an active lifestyle, but combining my physical activity with a proper nutrition confirmed the difference in how I look and feel. I studied healthy living in college, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science from the University of Vermont.  After graduation, I moved to California so I could put my passion for health and nutrition to use in my everyday life.

As a Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, I have worked with many types of people. Children, elderly, athletes, and even those with special diet conditions. I love what I do, and love working with new people.

Published Articles And Workouts

Follow some of my latest writings and workouts! I am featured in various health, fitness, and lifestyle blogs, so for some tips on how to live a healthy life, check them out:

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