My love hate relationship with Pilates

Let me just start off with saying this, Pilates is HARD! I had never really heard of pilates until I moved to Los Angeles. At that time, my workouts consisted of yoga, yoga, and more yoga (with the occasional run here and there).  I went almost 4 years in LA before I ventured into a pilates studio.  The reason I finally decided to give it a try was because I had signed up for class pass and needed to use a class before the month ended.  There was a studio down the street from me, Pilates Platinum, which uses the mega former.  Of course, I was nervous before my first class.  I like to be in control and know what I’m doing so trying something new is both exciting and terrifying for me. 

I got to class the suggested 10 minutes early so I could sign a waiver and learn about the machine.  I also had to buy really funny looking toe socks. (I now wear these socks around when the laundry piles up and Derek absolutely loves the look, especially with flip-flops and in public.)  My instructor was this cute blonde girl and her energy was very welcoming.  The first thing I noticed was I was surrounded by incredibly fit and strong looking women.  I thought to myself well if that’s how I can look like that then sign me up. 

Class started and we were instructed to go into something called wheel barrow.  I was immediately lost.  I was facing the wrong way, my hands were in the wrong spot, it was not starting off well for me.  Lindsey was extremely sweet and helped me figure out where I needed to be.  Once I was doing it semi correctly, I instantly felt an intense burn in my abs.  Now this is something I love, pushing myself and feeling my body work.

After doing some different variations of ab exercises, which were all hard, we moved onto our legs.  Standing on the machine was a whole different story.  Being a yoga teacher one would think my balance would be pretty on, oh but it was not.  Standing and lunging on a moving platform proved to be very difficult and worked my muscles in a completely new way.  Not only did I have to stabilize myself but I also had to use strength to move the carriage. 

My legs were on fire within the first few minutes.  I kept thinking to myself well isn’t this a humbling experience.  Before stepping onto this machine, I had thought myself to be pretty strong but halfway through class I very much realized I was a little too sure of myself.

Class was 55 minutes and not a minute too long.  I was dead by the end of class.  I actually had to call Derek to come pick me up because I could barely walk, my legs were that tired.  (We lived ¾ a mile away from the studio.)

The next morning, I woke up and legit was the sorest I had ever been.  Everything hurt, my legs, my ass, my abs, my arms, my back.  I was hooked.  I was determined to keep going, to get stronger.  I continued to go to class, first 2 times a week then 3 and now I go 4 times a week if I can.  Pilates Platinum is a fantastic studio.  All the instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and extremely supportive.  I have even made some great friends from the studio, people who now are part of my LA family. 

What this experience taught me is that it is important to try new things, to step outside your comfort zone.  It also taught me that you can always grow, you can always get stronger.  Don’t get me wrong, class still kicks my ass, I still get sore, and there are mornings when it is the last thing I want to do, but I keep going back.  I keep going back because pilates has changed my body in a way nothing else could. 

If you are thinking of trying a pilates class or you have taken a few but aren’t sure if you like it, do it.  Pilates Platinum has 4 studio locations around LA.  All the instructors are great so go try it out!