Weekend travel inspiration

I don't typically write on the weekends.  I like to take the time to unplug as much as possible, spend quality time with my husband and enjoy the outdoors.  Today Derek and I were daydreaming about our next adventure we want to take and I got inspired to write.  Being someone who is very healthy, who likes to eat a specific way and really values food quality, it can sometimes be challenging to eat when traveling.  When you go to different places, where there might be a culture difference or a language barrier, it is hard to eat the way you are used to.

For some people this might not be a problem, but for me it is.  I mostly eat the way I do because of my sensitive stomach.  I don't do well with dairy and my stomach does not respond well to oils.  These are two staple items that are in dishes around the world.  I used to get extremely frustrated when traveling because it was so hard for me to enjoy meals.  I would be on an amazing vacation with family or friends and all I would be thinking about is when will I be able to get a meal that I can enjoy and that will fill me up.  Sadly there are tons of places that offer "salads" and it is a couple pieces of lettuce, a tomato and some onions.  

Something that I had to teach myself to make traveling easier is that you can't expect places to be accommodating, you can't expect a chef to change a dish.  I learned to make sure I packed or bought groceries that I could bring along with me or have before hand so I wouldn't get hungry. If i was going to a country that spoke a different language I would learn a few key phrases and questions to make ordering easier. Most importantly I learned that sometimes it is okay to stray from your normal and eat a little different.  I wouldn't go crazy and get a double cheeseburger because this isn't something I enjoy, but I would get a nice vegetable pasta dish or try a daily special. 

Having a more open mindset and being prepared has made traveling so much easier.  No one wants to spend a trip being upset because a restaurant wouldn't make your meal a certain way.  There is so much more to take in and experience when traveling, and sometimes local food is part of that.

There are things I always bring with me when I travel and here they are!

RX bars

Health Warrior Bars

Nuzest protein single packets

Justins almond butter packs 

Rice cakes 

Box of almond milk (for morning coffee in hotels)

Hope this helps make your travels a little easier!