Live Beaming Cleanse

I have never really been a cleanse person.  The thought of living off only juice or liquids for days is terrifying to me.  I am someone who is not the most pleasant to be around when I am hungry.  I eat a lot of food so the thought of a cleanse is not something that excites me.  This all changed when I learned about the cleanses my favorite local smoothie establishment offered.  While in one of Beaming’s superfood cafes waiting for my favorite acai bowl, I saw their pamphlet about their cleanses.  I started reading about what it entailed and the thing that immediately jumped out at me was that it was a cleanse WITH FOOD.  This was completely different from any idea of a cleanse that I had so I was immediately intrigued. 

A manager happened to be in so I started asking questions about the cleanse.  First he told me they have different lengths you can do, a one day reset, three days, five days and a twenty-one-day cleanse.  There are different activity levels that offer different calorie amounts depending on your daily lifestyle.  You also get to eat real food which was most appealing to me.  I thought this is something I could do. 

This is what the menu looked like for the active cleanse (the highest calorie cleanse).

2 Cold Pressed Juices
1 Beaming Breakfast, high protein
1 Superfood Protein/Recovery Smoothie
1 Pre or Post Workout Electrolyte Elixir
1 Soup, raw or gently cooked
1 Salad or Entree, with quinoa
1-2 Superfood Protein Snacks
Beaming Cleanse and Balance Tea

I came home from this very informative acai bowl adventure and immediately started telling Derek all that I had learned.  I asked him if he wanted to do the three-day cleanse with me.  The look on his face was priceless.  “You are going to do a cleanse Miss. Hangry, I better move out for three days.”  I insisted that since there was real food involved it wouldn’t be that bad and worst case scenario if it was terrible I would just eat more.  He agreed to join me and the next day I ordered our cleanse.

As it says on their website, The Beaming Cleanse purifies and detoxifies your system without starvation and deprivation and is designed to rejuvenate at a cellular level, leaving the body in a state of balance and optimum vitality.  Who doesn’t want that?

I picked up our cleanse on a Sunday afternoon for us to start on Monday.  One of the hardest parts of this cleanse was going to be the not drinking coffee.  I was told if I really needed to I could get organic cold brew and take a few sips.  We woke up Monday morning and began our cleanse!  The first thing we had was a juice.  Now this was different because I was used to having a smoothie in the morning before I worked out.  I did feel a little weak on my run that morning since I usually wake up already hungry.  When I came back from my run I had my breakfast which was overnight oats and I felt much better after that.

The day went by pretty normally until about noon when I began to have a headache.  I knew this was most likely from the lack of caffeine so I had gotten an acceptable cold brew just in case.  I took a few sips and felt better. (this caffeine addiction is a whole different story)

What Derek was most worried about was that he wouldn’t have enough food to sustain him.  He said this wasn’t the case at all and he liked the structure of having to consume a bunch of things throughout the day.  Something that we both noticed was how snacking just becomes so routine.  We were both on the couch watching TV after dinner, when we would usually have a night time snack, and we looked at each other and realized we weren’t even hungry.  We had gotten so used to this routine that we just went for a snack at night out of habit. 

Over the course of those three days my body and digestive system have never felt better.  I immediately noticed the bloating I usually experienced wad gone.  Everything just felt better and Derek agreed. 

It is truly amazing how the food we eat plays such an important role.  This showed how eating plant based and extremely clean was the best thing for my body.  I responded so well to this style of eating.  It is a hard thing to maintain, and we certainly couldn’t stay on a Beaming cleanse for life without bankrupting ourselves.  What was great about this experience was learning what my body works the best with.  I was able to really see the difference food makes and understand the importance of eating right for me. 

Although I don’t eat perfectly all the time, I try my hardest to eat the way the Beaming cleanse taught me when I can.  Yes, it is expensive to eat that way but it is so worth it.

Even if you are not a cleanse person I think everyone should try out this program.  If anything, it is a way to see how your body responds and possibly feel the best you ever have and it’s a total body reset so you’ll experience benefits from that.   The most exciting news is that Beaming now ships cleanses nationwide!  No matter where you are in the US you can experience the amazing benefits of a Beaming cleanse!

I am now a true believer, so don’t be scared give it a shot!