I have talked about this in the past and it is so important that I wanted to talk about it again!  Even if your diet and exercise routine is perfect, if your sleep is lacking you are not going to see the benefits you want and your body will not run efficiently.  Sleep is SO vital to overall health and wellness. When you sleep, your body does all its recovering and rebooting.  You may notice if you only log a couple hours one night that you wake up looking and feeling like hell. 

For the past few years I have had sleep trouble.  What happened to me was a stressful job was causing me anxiety that would keep me up at night.  Fast forward to after the job ended and instead of sleep issues being a symptom of my anxiety, now sleep issues are what caused anxiety.  I get super anxious about not being able to fall asleep that I fall into a terrible cycle of then not sleeping.  My therapist calls it anticipatory sleep anxiety.

I have tried everything you could imagine.  I even gave myself a stomach ulcer because I was taking Advil PM every night for about a month (good job Alex).  I have done every over the counter pill, I have taken every supplement and drank every bedtime tea.  Something may work for a little bit and I get excited and then it doesn’t and I get very discouraged.

Thankfully there is something out there I have found that helps me and it is CBD oil.  There are many different ways to take CBD oil.  There is a liquid you can place under your tongue; you can get an oil pen and you can also eat/drink it.  I have found two amazing products that work and I really enjoy. 

The first product that I have been using is Buddha Teas.  Buddha Teas makes many varieties of teas but the ones I use are the CBD teas.  They have a few different flavors but my favorite is the CBD mint.  They use water soluble CBD which means that the CBD actually ends up in the tea.  Oil based CBD can’t extract into hot water so that is why is water soluble CBD is so important.  I make my tea after dinner around 7PM (I can’t have it too late or I will have to pee all night).  I cozy up under a blanket and enjoy.  I start to get a super calm and relaxed feeling shortly after, it gets me stress free for bed time.

The next product that I love is THERAPEUTIC CBD chocolate because who doesn’t love a little chocolate in their life!  Unfortunately, right now I can’t have it because of the LOWFODMAP diet I am on but before that I was eating it every night.  My favorite thing to do was put a piece in my Halo Top ice cream, perfect nighttime snack.  Each piece/dose has 15mg of CBD, is 90 calories and not that much sugar.  The chocolate is made with Santa Barbara chocolate so it is pretty local which I love.  My favorite flavor is the caramel coconut drizzle.  Each bar is made with real fruits and all natural ingredients. 

So, if you are looking to improve your sleep or just need something to chill out at night I would highly recommend these CBD products.  And don’t worry, CBD does not get you high, it has none of the THC from the plant which is responsible for the high.  It is just the perfect way to unwind, relax and get the much-needed quality sleep!