Saunabar LA

Recently I’ve been really focusing on all things self-care. I’ve gotten better at slowing down, at listening to my body and doing more restorative work. Focusing on self-care will hopefully help with my adrenal fatigue, anxiety and sleep issues. Some days are better than others but every day is progress. 

During Wellness Week LA I was introduced to SaunaBar. SaunaBar has different services including infrared sauna pods, lymphatic massage and a vibration machine. The first service I tried was the infrared sauna. The sauna pods emit both far and near infrared light which provides a dual detox. The beds are lined with jade stones which adds a powerful healing component.  The jade stones also are more clean, protecting you from bacteria.  The sauna benefits include improved skin, relief of pain, removal of toxins, reduction of stress and strengthening of immunity!  I left that session feeling so incredibly detoxed. Another thing I noticed that really peaked my interest was that night I slept so deeply, better than I had in months. I was actually startled awake by my alarm which never happens. I had to get a package here and see if the sauna pod could consistently help with my sleep. 

The next time I went, I did a full trifecta of services. I started with the vibration machine, moved onto the lymphatic massage and ended with a sauna. 

The vibration plate is very interesting. You stand on this machine that has a vibrating plate under your feet. You work on engaging your muscles and work through a few different moves on it. The vibration machine transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second.  It has been known to tone and build muscle, increase bone mineral density, tighten the skin and reduce high blood pressure.  I finished that session feeling a little wobbly but I had more of a strength and tightness feeling throughout my muscles. 

Next up was the lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system is a system of organs and tissue that helps break down and rid the body of toxins, waste, and unwanted materials.  This system removes excess fluids from the body’s tissues, absorbs fatty acids and produces immune cells.  The lymphatic massage uses air compression to stimulate a wave like constriction and relaxation of muscles inside your body.  You lay down on a table and basically slide pant legs onto your legs and then your torso is wrapped up as well. You lay for 30 minutes as different areas of your body are tightly compressed. It felt like a really good deep tissue massage. Some of the benefits include removal of toxins, improved circulation, cellulite reduction, reduction of appearance of varicose veins, and soothes muscle cramps.

At this point after the first two services I was already feeling super relaxed.  I was ready to take it all home as I went into the last session, the sauna pod. You lay in naked, with just socks on (to keep the heat in your body). Your head sticks out the top and you lay for 40 min at 150 degrees. During this session, I did a 20-minute meditation and then dozed off into a nap. When the time ended, I was so sweaty and also felt so rejuvenated. I already felt like I was ready for a super deep sleep. 

Now for the exciting part, it happened again. I could barely keep my eyes open on the couch past 9pm that night and woke up the next morning like omg what day is it, where am I? I felt so refreshed and had fallen asleep in a blink of an eye. Another amazing thing was how good my body felt! I had done a hard stair work out that morning, one I hadn’t done in a few weeks and normally I would have woken up extremely sore. Doing all 3 services that day totally helped with muscle recovery and left me bounding out of bed in the morning. 

The bottom line is, I’m hooked. This is absolutely going to be a staple in my self-care routine. I even joked with Derek that we need to get a sauna pod of our own, unfortunately I don’t think it would match our living room decor. SaunaBar you make me feel amazing, you’ve facilitated some of my best sleep, I’m a fan for life. 

They are located in Brentwood so if you’re local you absolutely need to go!! Take care of yourself, mind body and spirit.