Sweatheory Los Angeles

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending my afternoon at Sweatheory in Los Angeles.  If you are wondering what sweatheory is, it is a place you sweat A LOT.  They have an infrared sauna fitness studio and also small private saunas that you can spend time in.  The infrared light used in their saunas heat the core of your body and don’t have the stuffy feeling of typical steam saunas.  The benefits of these saunas include muscle rejuvenation, detoxifying, and purifying.  Most saunas are around 200 degree so you can only be in them for about 20 minutes.  The infrared saunas are heated to 140 degrees using a light-based heat that allows you to stay in for up to an hour. 

Derek being the good sport that he is agreed to come with me for the experience.  We walked in and immediately I loved the space.  It has a very natural wood design and is attached to the cutest juice/smoothie bar.  We got set up in our little sauna room which had towels, robes, water, a shower and the sauna box.  You close a large curtain and you are all set to go.  The heat in the sauna felt so nice.  I usually don’t love saunas, I don’t like the way they make me feel, I start to get too hot and feel trapped.  This heat was much different and I felt relaxed and comfortable.  There is a timer on the side so you can see how long you have been in. I started to get a good sweat going after about 15 minutes. We didn’t stay for the full 60 minutes mostly because I tend to get bored sitting still for that long.  Something the girl suggested that I would definitely do next time is bring a book.  I did get a good meditation in which felt so nice to do in the heat.  We stayed for 30 minutes, took a nice shower and got dressed.  When we got out they asked if we would like a cold lavender towel which I obviously jumped all over.  It was the perfect way to seal the experience. 

The rest of the day I felt lovely.  I had gotten the great feeling of a good sweat without the tired feeling of having to do a hard workout to get it.  I really loved the experience.

They also offer different fitness classes in an infrared studio room.  The classes they have are different styles of yoga, stretching, and TRX.  Taking a class here is next on my list to try!