Holiday gift guide for the wellness enthusiast in your life

We are already mid-way through December, Hanukah has started and Christmas is right around the corner.  This is crunch time for the people who wait until the very end to purchase gifts.  I certainly do not do this as it would cause me tremendous anxiety.  As my own family asks about what I want for Christmas this year I realized that getting the perfect gift for your health and fitness junkie can be tough.  I wanted to share a few of the products I asked for and also ones that I absolutely love and a little bit of why.  Hope these tips can help!


There are tons of smart watches and fitness trackers out there and I have used a few different ones.  My favorite by far is the apple watch.  Derek gave it to me for Christmas last year and I think the only day it left my wrist was on my wedding day (I have the tan line to prove it).  There are many reasons why I love this one the most.  It fits on my wrist perfectly.  I have small wrists and some watches can be really big.  They look goofy and are uncomfortable.  The apple watch comes in two different sizes which is awesome.  I love the accuracy of the workouts.  I have compared my watch to a heart rate monitor and it is pretty on the nose as far as heart rate and calories burned.  I love that you can customize the style.  There are so many different watch bands you will never get bored.  Lastly I love being able to check my wrist easily to see who is calling or texting since my phone is either across the room or buried somewhere in my bag.  The fitness enthusiast in your life will love the apple watch.


I know a water bottle may seem like a silly gift but it is actually very much appreciated.  There is nothing worse than being in a hot yoga class and your water bottle is sweating everywhere and your water is warm.  It is equally terrible when you throw your bottle into your bag to find everything soaked a few minutes later.  I have had many many different water bottle types and brands and the Swell bottle is my favorite.  They have the coolest designs and colors; it keeps water cold and fresh and the bottle doesn’t sweat.  It comes along with me to every workout class, hiking, the beach, and basically every time I leave the house.


If you love health and coffee than this is the perfect gift.  My mom thought I was so strange when I asked for this but I love health products and sometimes it gets too expensive to try a ton out.  This is a product I love and all of the flavors are amazing.  These creamers are a great way to enhance your morning coffee.  They can also be used in tea, baked goods, and desserts.  They are dairy free, have no added sugars or artificial flavors and are rich in clean collagen protein.  The MCT healthy fats boost energy, making your coffee that much more powerful.


Not only does Matcha Reserve have great matcha powder but they also have a mud mask that is wonderful.  I asked my mom for this as a stocking stuffer.  The mud mask penetrates deep into skin and has made my face look so much more moisturized and lively.  This matcha mask works so well because of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that as naturally found in matcha.  It is a natural detox for your skin. 


Derek always gives me a hard time about the number of sneakers I own.  They are my go to shoe and there is just something a love about a clean, new pair of sneakers.  The ones I always ask for, basically every year, are Nike.  There are SO many styles and colors it is a fitness lovers dream.  They have a style for every need; running, cross training, hitting the gym, or walking around town.  My go to style is the Nike flyknit.  I have probably 5 pairs at the moment.  I love bright colors and being able to have a sneaker that matches with anything I am wearing. 


This one I saved for last because it is the best gift for someone who works out hard.  Getting a massage (a good one) is one of the most amazing feelings.  There are tons of massage places out there and not all of them are good.  It is important to find one that will fit the needs for the person you are gifting. If one seems too cheap it may not be the best so do some research. I have a guy I see in LA, Dom, and he is magic.  I think his hands have super powers because when I get onto the table they know exactly what I need.  He comes at me and hits spots that I didn’t even know needed work.  If anyone wants his info let me know!

Hope these gift tips have been helpful!