Fre' skincare

Sweating is definitely not the best for your skin.  The impurities that sweating flushes out can stay on your skin and be reabsorbed.  Bacteria can clog pores and cause acne flare-ups.  Being a fitness enthusiast and teaching hot yoga, the negative effects of sweating are something that I struggle with.  I have tried many, many different skin care products, some better than others.  I have not yet found the perfect one for my skin until recently.

Fre’ skincare is the first line made especially for woman who work out, for skin that sweats.  Exercise induced sweating on the face can increase the photosensitivity of skin which makes it more susceptible to sun exposure.  These factors can lead to skin damage and premature aging of the face.  Nobody wants this, at all.  Fre’ is formulated with an argania active complex that can prevent wrinkles and ageing effects and may strengthen the natural skin barrier.  Some other great things about Fre’ products are it is hypoallergenic, water resistant up to 80 minutes, wont sting eyes and wont clog pores. 

Fre’ is a three-step process that combats sweat induced breakouts, dehydration and aging.  The first step is the Protect Me which is an ultra-light SPF 30 moisturizer that is water resistant.  There are many SPF moisturizers that I have tried before and they have left my face feeling greasy and sometimes have a strange white appearance.  The Fre’ moisturizer is super light feeling and is completely absorbed into the skin. 

Step 2 is Purify Me, a facial cleanser that prevents and treats breakouts, post workout.  I love the feeling of this cleanser on my skin.  It feels super refreshing and has an amazing smell.  Step 3 is Revive Me, an anti-aging serum that boosts tired skin with vitamins and minerals, generates collagen which creates an energized glow.  I have tried SO many serums and have never really found they do anything for me.  Most likely why is because my face is sweating multiple times a day so it just comes right off.  This serum is absorbed right away and stays in your skin, you can’t feel it coming out as you sweat.  This is never fun as you’re in yoga or running and you start getting product in your eyes and mouth. 

I have noticed such a tremendous difference in my skin just in the first 2 weeks of using the products.  Fre’ skincare is certainly now a gym bag essential.  I am so happy to finally have something to works well for my skin and for my lifestyle.  If you are struggling with negative effects from workout sweat I would encourage you to try our Fre’.