New Year, Same goals

Starting off the new year has always been something special for me.  My birthday is on New Years Eve so I love starting the new year with a new age, it is a complete fresh start. A tradition that I started a few years ago is to go on a birthday hike and when I get to the top I set my new year goals and intentions.  For the first few years I found that my goals weren't being met, that I had all these great intentions but it was hard to follow through with them.  I found that year after year my goals were looking the same.  

I realized that maybe the problem wasn't me, but my goals.  If you are setting the same goals year after year, maybe you need to take a moment to reflect on why you have not met them in the past. I learned the best way for a New Year, New Me transformation was to take sometime to sit with my goals and make sure they were SMART.  The acronym SMART is very helpful when setting goals and a tool I now use when setting goals for myself. 

My 2018 goals are

  • be more social, go out at least once a month
  • hustle harder with work, book 4 trips over the year, get at least 1 new private yoga client 
  • be a little more selfish with my time, it is ok to say no to something I don't want to do 
  • give myself a break, it is okay if I miss a workout or two
  • be more creative in the kitchen, cook one new meal a week 
  • keep up with meditation, meditate at least once a day 
  • be okay with switching up my routine, it is fine to do things differently 

S- Specific

· what exactly is it that you want to achieve? 

· the more specific the better (I want to lose 5 pounds, I want to wear a size 6, I want to eat 4 cups of vegetables a day)

M- Meaningful

· why do you want to achieve this goal?  why is it important to you?

· what is it about this specific goal that is worth the effort?

A- Action

· what are the steps to achieve this goal? how will you reach each step?

· lay out a plan of action with small and specific steps

R- Realistic

· is this goal something you can actually achieve?  

· do you have the time and resources available?

T- Timely

· when do you want to achieve this goal by?  how can you measure progress?

· set dates for each step, "by when" marks 

There you go, you have the tools to set goals that you will actually be able to meet this year!  Now it is time, New Year, New You