Taking time to unplug

As Derek and I are headed out to Palm Springs this weekend I came across a really old blog post I had written about unplugging.  It is one I had forgotten about but the message still holds true.  It inspired me to take this weekend as an opportunity to unplug (as much as possible).  I always tell myself I should take more time disconnecting from the world but the sad truth is it is really hard for me to do.  Wish me luck this weekend!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I had the chance to escape, to disconnect, and truly find each other.  Through Airbnb we found an Airstream trailer tucked away in the mountains of Malibu. We knew going into it that we would have no cell service and my immediate reaction was one of anxiety. I knew I was very connected and constantly using my phone but I didn't realize it would cause a slight panic feeling. This right there was a lesson in itself, I need to be more present to what’s happening around me, not what’s on a tiny screen in front of me.

Saturday our journey began. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies, healthy food and a few adult beverages because it was vacation. Once we turned off PCH and slowly made our way up a canyon road I was getting more and more excited. We got to the gate of the property, texted the owner we had arrived and then phones off!

We got to the trailer where we were given a quick rundown of how everything worked and then we got ourselves unpacked and settled in. It was absolutely adorable; tiny, cozy and fully equipped with everything we would need. Now it was time to explore!  There were hiking trails all around that we wandered on and found a great spot to watch the sunset. Once it started to get pretty dark we went in, made dinner, and settled in for the night. The first thing I noticed was the silence. There were no sounds of the city, no sirens, no people yelling, or doors slamming. The only sounds heard were bugs and the wind.

By this time the anxiety of being disconnected had dissipated and I was starting to really enjoy the freedom. With no phones, TV or other online things to distract us all we had was each other’s company and conversation. We spent the whole evening talking, truly 100% in the moment.
To sum up the experience in a few words it was AMAZING, LIBERATING, REFRESHING, AND RELAXING.  

On our drive, back home, the tables turned, I started getting anxious about turning on my phone. I didn't want the constant buzz of emails and texts, Instagram notifications popping up, and people wanting replies instantly. I realized the sense of relaxation I had experienced was just as much because of disconnecting as it was being in a quiet and beautiful setting.  

I now appreciate unplugging from the world, spending quality time with yourself and your loved ones, really making connections without any distractions. Our world is so connected, so on all the time.  I find myself getting annoyed if people don’t respond right away and that’s absurd.  I don’t know what is going on in their life how can I expect an immediate reply.  This is how our society is setting us up to feel.  I know it’s hard but I believe everyone should take some time to unplug.  It can be just a Sunday afternoon, or an hour during dinner at night, but pick a time to step away from the buzz and truly be present.