Acupuncture and Cupping

I am a strong believer in eastern medicine.  There is a reason these ancient techniques have been around so long.  I am also someone who will go to a western doctor when I need to and take medicine if it is necessary.  The thing is, sometimes medicine is not the best answer.

I have a few health things I struggle with that I have seen specialists for and haven’t really gotten any conclusive answers or solutions.  I have made it my intention for 2018 to figure out what is best for my health.  I have heard many amazing things about acupuncture and cupping so I decided to give it a try.

I got a fantastic recommendation from my girl Jordan Younger, thanks Jordan!  She passed along the info for her go to girl, Dr. Kara Moramarco and I immediately made an appointment.  Dr. Moramarco is a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine (DAOM), and a board-certified California Licensed Acupuncturist.  She specializes in acupuncture, women’s health, pain and sports injuries and cupping. 

I had gotten acupuncture in the past to help with chronic sinus infections but I didn’t stick with it very long.  This time around I am ready to make the commitment to it and become my very best self.

When I arrived for my appointment I sat down with Kara and discussed all the different issues I was experiencing.  To briefly sum it up, I need help with digestion, sleep, hormones, and a painful left shoulder.  We got very detailed about my symptoms and everyday lifestyle.  She was so knowledgeable and made me feel extremely comfortable. 

We then went into the treatment room which was super cute and zen.  I got comfortable on the table and she went to work with her needles.  She put a couple on my face, for my congested sinuses, a few on my left wrist, a couple on my stomach, on my shins and feet and also my neck and top of my head.  She left me in the room for about 40 minutes.  During my time my body felt super relaxed and heavy.  I meditated and also took a little nap, it felt amazing.  She came back, removed the needles and then it was time for cupping.

Cupping is something I have never done before and I was a little bit nervous.  I have seen people in yoga with large circle bruises and it always looked painful.  I was face down and she started placing the cups on my back.  It was such a strange sensation.  It wasn’t painful but it also didn’t feel good.  It was almost like a super strong vacuum was sucking on my skin and also like a deep pressure massage.  She moved the cups around a bit and let them sit in various spots on my back and shoulders.  I actually really enjoyed the experience and thought it felt cool.  She said my back was very blocked up and my circles were very dark, basically I really needed it.  Cupping is a form of deep tissue therapy and is used to help muscle tightness which I absolutely have.  

I didn’t realize what she meant until I got home and took a look in the mirror.  My back looked like I had stood in front of a pitching machine and took fast balls to my body.  I know the darker the spots the more you needed it so let’s just say I should have done this a long time ago.  The spots don’t hurt at all, if anything my back feels more open.  It looks a thousand time worse than it feels. 

I am excited to keep with this, hopefully go once a week to really see the benefits.  My first experience was wonderful so I hope it just gets better and better.  If you are in LA I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Kara, she’s legit!