Care of vitamins

If you ever have ventured down the supplements aisle of your local store I am sure you have felt very overwhelmed.  There are SO many different products out there it is hard to know what you need and also what is good quality.  There are supplements for everything; wellness, joints, cholesterol, insomnia, vitamin deficiencies, energy, digestion and so on.  Not only are there many different supplements but there are also so many different brands.  Unless you are an expert or get exact orders from a doctor, how do you know what to choose?

I was constantly facing this dilemma until care of vitamins came into my life.  Care of offers customized daily vitamin packs.  How it works is you go onto their website and start off by telling them a little bit about yourself.  You take a little quiz which asks questions about your lifestyle, values and your goals. Some of the questions are whether or not you have taken vitamins before, what you are currently taking, your age, where you live, and what your specific goals are like brain, gut, immunity, energy, stress, etc. After you do this, they offer their recommendations to you.  You can go through what they suggest and take out what you don’t want or add anything else you’d like.  Then each month you get a box of customized daily vitamin packs.

What is really great about care of is their promise to give honest guidance.  They don’t say that all supplements are equal just to get you to buy them.  They evaluate all their products based on a review of research.  They look at the number of studies, consistency of results, magnitude of results, and study methodology.  They have a leading team of doctors and nutrition experts who are involved in the recommendation logic.  Another reason why I think care of is so great is the cost.  They don’t mark up their supplements or have to deal with a middle man.  The prices they offer are fantastic and much less than if you went to the store to buy random supplements.

After taking my quiz this is what my daily pack looks like.

Probiotic Blend- supports the immune system

Rhodiola- promotes mental energy and focus

Calcium Plus- supports bone health

Vitamin B12- vegetarians have a higher risk of deficiency

Fish Oil- helps maintain a healthy heart

Digestive Enzymes- supports digestive health

Iron- another thing I have been told I am low in

Care of vitamins are fantastic.  I feel like I finally have answers about what I need in a supplement and I feel great.  The packs are also super cute and have a little daily message on them that I love seeing. Check out their site and see if it would be a good fit for you!

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