Liquid IV

With all of my travels, I love having super accessible health products that I can bring on the plane with me.  Since you are pretty limited with what you can buy in the airport, it is important to me to have products I know and trust.  Something I always travel with is Liquid IV.  Liquid IV is a hydration multiplier.  It is an electrolyte drink mix that uses cellular transport to bring hydration to your bloodstream quicker and more efficiently than just plain water alone.  Liquid IV is Non-GMO, vegan, dairy free, made in the US, gluten free, soy free and independently tested.

The reason I love it so much for traveling is because I always feel so dehydrated on airplanes since the air is extremely dry.  It is like I can’t consume enough liquids to keep me feeling hydrated and my skin feels very dry and flaky.  When I use one pack of Liquid IV in a water bottle I feel great. I also find that my jet lag is not as bad when I use Liquid IV.

The science nerd in me needed to know more about the cellular transport technology so I did some research on the Liquid IV website and this is what I found.  CTT uses a ratio of glucose, sodium and potassium to deliver water and other nutrients right to your bloodstream which hydrates you faster than water alone.  The ratio creates an osmotic force that allows water to be absorbed in the upper digestive tract, preventing water and nutrients from being lost along the entire digestive system. 

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the science behind this stuff!  There are tons of people out there that are dehydrated and don’t even know it.  Small signs of dehydration can be headaches, muscle cramping, brain fog and dizziness.  Something I see a lot is people drinking from large jugs or counting their water bottles to make sure they are getting enough throughout the day.  Adding a pack of Liquid IV to your water bottle is way easier than carrying around a growler of water. 

Some other great benefits of being properly hydrated are increased exercise performance, increased mental clarity, and reduced signs of aging.  These benefits are enough to keep me wanting to consume bottles of Liquid IV.  My favorite flavor is lemon lime.

If you have travel coming up or just feel like you could be a little better hydrated, I would suggest getting your hands on Liquid IV.  You can order online with free shipping in the US or find it at stores like Whole Foods, Rite Aid and CVS. One other amazing benefit of using Liquid IV is that every order placed they donate a serving of Liquid IV to someone in need.  They are on a mission to defeat dehydration globally.  Happy hydrating!